In March 2020, I was elected to DCU Students’ Union as the full-time Vice President for Academic Affairs with 1,744 first preference votes.

During my year on the Students’ Union I worked on committees and policy regarding student conditions during COVID, I organised the university’s first ever Trade Union Week, co-organised Refugee Week and Green Week and received a national Student Achievement Award nomination for Education Campaign of the Year for DCUSU’s “Don’t Drop Out, Drop In” campaign.

My role saw me work full-time as a voice for university students during one of the most challenging years ever to be in third level education. I met frequently with the highest levels of university management, participated in national USI working groups with reps from other colleges, and pushed a strong pro-student, pro-worker and anti-corporate message within the union to ensure we maintained strong ethical stances and that the best interests of young people - who are so often exploited for profit - are at the core of every decision the university makes.

Check out my campaign, from March 2020, on Instagram, including a viral campaign video produced by myself, Clodagh Read and Gemma Robotham.